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All in One, One in All

Lady of a thousand faces...
I feel your essence in the North,
where tall pines grace the fertile ground.
Out of the East you peer above the horizon,
fresh and light,
brimming with wisdom and inspiration.
The warm waters of your Western domain,
emmanate great power.
Turning, I feel your glow in the South,
where the fire is strong.

The air is heavy with your presence;
A cocoon encasing all things,
though we may be too blind to see
when you brush against our skin.
Each guise universal in its uniqueness.

You sit,
Soft and gentle,
like the morning dew.
Steady and calm,
A gracious, mild smile
beautifying the visage,
that is the abode of peace.
The breeze lazily stirs the chimes;
they jingle in the coolness of your sanctuary.
Lotus in one hand;
The other outstreched,
ready to aid,
Ears always tuned to the suffering cries.
Solace when all else is gone.
In you, Compassionate One,
the ulitmate refuge...
My weary head rests in your lap.

You come,
Lovely as the summer rain;
rosy-cheeked and brilliant
in voluptuous shape.
Glossy lips invitingly sensual,
playfully entrancing gaze,
golden locks dancing madly
in glorious disarray,
tousled by the wind...
Forth from the Sea
in an oyster shell
You come, and make love to the world....

You ride,
Warlike and proud,
quick to anger and just.
Like lightning cutting through the sky
or a blade making is way
through supple flesh.
Skillfully drawing droplets of crimson.
Macha rides with sword unsheathed.
Action born of discord,
The warrioress atop her stallion.
Bloodthirsty and strong,
dark and menacing.
Barriers are meant to be broken.

You are,
Queen of the Night.
Mistress of hidden workings,
of screeching owls and black cats,
that weave themselves between our feet
with feline grace
as your cauldron boils
amidst the darkness.
The fumes clouding consciousness,
leading on a journey within.
Shadows to draw upon are endless,
as your depth is immesuarble.

You teach;
Bright arrow,
Poetess, craftswoman, healer,
Embodiment of the civilized arts!
Guiding the human race with your
loving providence.
Inspiring, cleansing, bestowing gifts.
Bountiful and indispensable
Spring of resourcefullness.

Lady of a thousand faces...
Inherent in all creation,
you shape and fuel reality.
Within and without,
static or dynamically whirling.

Flaxen curls,
Sleek dark tresses,
or reddish strands like leaves of oaks..
Gowns and dresses,
Riding breeches,
or heavy, tough, protective cloaks.

Lady, in your manifold expressions
I trust.
A mouthful of wine
reveals a world of new flavours
with every sip.


I addressed specific aspects of the Goddess in the verses, I wonder if its easy to guess :)

Kwan Yin
Venus (based on the Botticelli painting)

respectively in order.

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