Luighseach Writes (fireatmidnight) wrote in incant,
Luighseach Writes

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Floating in the light,
formed by the shadows;
I see her face.

Eternal. Pictures of her mind
recreated in colours and words
that connect to my eyes
as another picture of her.

Love is just a word,
red and blue just colours.
But the feelings in me
when I see her work, her face
gives me some of her light,
makes me glow.

fireatmidnight is my journal for artistic writing. Posting there goes in jumps. Sometimes there can be months between each post. It is in two languages, English and Norwegian. luighseach is my regular journal. It is in English.

I am 22 years old, just your ordinary Witch. Norwegian, as was not too hard to guess. Halfway through my first pregnancy, and quite excited about it. I love to write, but sometimes I seem to dry up. I like the idea for this community. I hope there will be lots of life here soon... :o)

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